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International Women's Day-2021

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

SSM College of Engineering celebrated today, 8th of March 2021, International Women’s Day organized by Dean Students Welfare, Ms. Sanna Qazi in collaboration with Internal Quality Assurance Cell and supported by SCRG Cosmetics Private Limited. A lively discussion was held highlighting the role and responsibility of Women all over the World in all walks of life. In the address of Mrs. Dilafrose Qazi, Vice-Chairperson of the Institute (who was the Chief Guest at the occasion), spoke about women empowerment and the elegance of Women-hood. She stated that it gives her pleasure by narrating the fact that the College is taking a pioneering role by providing a convenient platform to the ladies in promoting education. All the speakers focused on the important role a woman plays in the society at all stages of life making the world beautiful place to live in.

A number of ladies, who have made outstanding performance in various fields/professions like Muntaha Baba (five times Gold Medallist in Martial Arts), Soliha Shabir (Writer), Shafiya Shafi (Noted Artist), Dr. Nayeema (a renowned Gynaecologist), Ms. Sahiba Tariq (Author) and Ms. Irfana Zargar also participated in the event. They shared their experience and professional life with others to motivate the students for coming forward to play a positive role in the society.

All the students including boys and girls who participated in the event were seen mesmerized. The event also included many inspirational ‘character plays’.

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