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Department of Computer Science Engineering

Computer technology is encapsulating all spheres of human needs and aspirations. It has metamorphosed not only the data processing and storage, but also the quality of life, manufacturing and design.The department offers courses that give values to the various fundamental concepts of Computer Engineering. By educating students think conceptual,we are preparing them to adapt themselves to the developments in the field. The department of computer Engineering was established in 2002 for UG engineering course with an intake capacity of 30 students. It was enhanced from time to time. At present the department has an intake capacity of 120. The department has state of art fully equipped computer labs with latest configuration and licensed software. The computers are connected to high end servers to provide access to various client-server applications. The labs are set to create high-quality environment required for students of Computer Engineering. The Faculty and staff are dedicated in providing students with best possible education offering courses in the latest technology and providing support that is needed to produce endowed, brilliant and talented graduates in the fields of Computer Engineering


Mrs. Yasmeen

Head of Department



To nurture Computer Engineers to Support ICT(Information&Communication Technology), in all Hardware & Software Domain in anybranchof Techno-Managerial area.


  • To provide center of excellence in Computer Engineering.

  • To prepare students for professional career and higher studies.

  • To make graduates technically sound and ethically strong, enabling them to serve engineering discipline and society as innovators, entrepreneurs and competent professionals.

  • To remain professionally advanced through research and development programs.

  • To develop specialized programs for promoting IT culture in society

Programme Educational Objective

  • PEO- 1. The graduates of the program will become proficient in the principles and practices of computer science,mathematics, and science, enabling them to solve a wide range of computer related problems/ engineering problems.

  • PEO- 2. To enable the students with innovative applications of engineering knowledge and programming skills to spearhead the progress of society in the information age.

  • PEO- 3. To mould the students into competent,successful and practicing engineers in their career and/or in pursuing their higher studies through the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • PEO- 4. To provide exposure to cutting edge technologies, adequate training and opportunities to work individually and as teams on multidisciplinary projects with effective analytical skills.

  • PEO- 5. To acquire and practice the profession with ethics, integrity and leadership qualities with due consideration to environmental issues in conformance with societal needs.

  • PEO- 6. Versatility to develop abilities and talents leading to creativity and productivity infields and professions beyond the regular Computer Engineering curriculum.

Programme Outcomes

  • PO  1: To apply and integrate knowledge of computing to the engineering discipline

  • PO 2:To identify, analyze, formulate and solve complex problems related to computer science and engineering.

  • PO 3:To design, construct and evaluate a computer based system, process or component, to meet the Evolving needs.

  • PO 4:To demonstrate application of engineering skills and techniques for efficient development of Projects and products.

  • PO 5:To use modern techniques and tools necessary for computing practice that drives towards entrepreneurship.

  • PO 6:To develop innovative ideas that can be translated into commercial products benefiting the Society and the economic growth.

  • PO 7:To understand the impact of engineering solutions in a social, global, environmental and Economic context.

  • PO 8:To posses leadership and managements kills with best professional, ethical practices and social concern.

  • PO 9:To interact professionally with others in the workplace and to function effectively as an Individual and in a group.

  • PO 10:To demonstrate quality skills so as to speak,listen and present effectively the acquired technical Knowledge to a range of audience.

  • PO 11:To utilize project management skills and principles of finance and economics in the construction Of hardware and software systems with business objective.

  • PO 12:To substantiate contemporary knowledge and technological developments by being a Continuous learner.

Programme Specific Outcomes

  • PSO-1: Foundation of mathematical concepts: To use mathematical methodologies to crack problem using suitable mathematical analysis, data structure and suitable algorithm.

  • PSO-2: Foundation of Computer System: the ability to interpret the fundamental concepts and methodology of computer systems. Students can understand the functionality of hardware and software aspects of computer systems.

  • PSO-3: Foundations of Software development: the ability to grasp the software development lifecycle and methodologies of software systems. Possess competent skills and knowledge of software design process. Familiarity and practical proficiency with a broad area of programming concepts and provide new ideas and innovations towards research

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