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Success Stories

Blue Dots



I am thankful to all the faculty members of the College for their continuous efforts and support. Apart from excellent academic experience, I also gained the benefits of being a part of Cultural Student' body. I cherish every moment spent at SSM College of Engineering

Rayees Mohi Ud Din

Bollywood Actor



Azmat is a founding partner and COO at Manzar Experience Curators, a start-up that believes in telling ‘own voice’ stories from Kashmir by getting the masses to engage with Kashmir and Kashmiris through its art, history, culture, tradition, craft, food, beauty and the aspirations of its people by giving control of the Kashmiri narrative to Kashmiris themselves.

After studying Computer Science Engineering at SSM College of Engineering from batch 2013, Azmat worked with multiple Ed-Tech and youth leadership start-ups before joining a design firm. Having spent considerable time working in the crafts and events sector, she decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge and founded Manzar in 2019.

Azmat Ali Mir


CSE (2013)


As you gear up to start on this amazing experience at SSM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING , remember that the courses you take, the friends you make, and most of all, the perspective you carry, can change your world. Commit to expand, care to understand, converse to grow”. You can't paint the picture of your life with your hands in your pocket so remember to take risks to grow yourself further. The opportunities are ample. Seize them.

Ursila Tabasum


CSE (2009)


I am fine and hope that you too will be in the best of your moods and spirits. It's been a privilege to be a part of this highly reputed institution. The time spent there will be always appreciable and memorable throughout my life. The journey of 4 years had been a cake walk only because of the full support of my teachers and the other non- teaching staff of the College. I feel cherished and proud of being an alumni of such a reputed and honorable institution.The knowledge and experience gained here is and will be always be helpful. I feel so privileged that you chose me for being a member of the association of the alumni. It will be really a great honour for being part of this association.

Iqbal Hassan Moona


Electrical (2012)


SSM college has produced many notable alumni who are shining and serving in different sectors of society. Most of my friends who have graduated from here, Computer science department in particular, are working with leading brands like IBM, TCS, Microsoft etc. The college has provided a great platform considering the unstable and chaotic conditions in the valley. In near future, I hope to see the college among the top colleges in India with a stronger campus selection and highly advanced technology for students to explore and compete in the market worldwide

Majid Qureshi

Software Engineer

CSE (2007)


“Above the hills and far away.

Business school on the way.

A faculty one ever dream.

Are known as Kashmiris cream

Efficiency and effectiveness touches the door

Visit the school to know more...”


HR Executive

MBA (2013)


It has been great pleasure to be part of SSM college of engineering .The College has played an important role in my personality development and career building. The college and department in particular has always been helpful and encouraging. I owe my success to the college and wish the college all the success in the future.

Bisma Qazi

IAS(Indian Administrative Service)

E&C (2008)


At the outset I will like to convey my best wishes to you. I hope both you are Sir are well. SSM College and particularly the Electronics & Communication Dept. has paved a great role in my success in career. I cannot forget your support and belief in me during my college days. I have very fond memories of this college and my mentors.I have always felt the need to contribute something back to the college and its students. Therefore, I will be happy to be a part of your endeavors to help the students to excel in their careers.

Naveed Trumboo

Indian Revenue Services

E&C (2006)


Being punctual & having a passion to learn always helps in any professional field. Teamwork always gives an extra mileage to the engineer in field so does maintaining liaison with all in that team. Wishing the greatest of heights and success to the College, words won't be enough & precise thank our college.

Faisal Farooq

AEE Jal Shakti Department

Civil (2000)


My suggestion is that the students be updated with new survey equipment like ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profile), DGPG (Differential Global Positioning Equipment) & new laser total station. Also the students should be introduced to various digital computer courses like Primavera, Staad Pro & Auto Cad. The civil engineers should have strong hold on subjects like surveying, Estimating & costing, designing & drawing.

Umar Jan

Assistant Executive Engineer
Irrigation and flood Control Department Srinagar

Civil (2000)


At the very outset I would like to express my heartiest thanks to the SSM family. I extend my warm regards to my dept, the Dept. of Civil which has immensely helped me succeed.I am highly indebted to the entire SSMfamily, in particular, Dept. of Civil for helping me achieve great heights for the generous contribution you have made to my educational and academic pursuit

Umea Farva

Assitant Enginer PHE Srinagar

Civil (2002)


Besides providing a good education, SSM is very prudent towards its students in developing their interpersonally flexibility, physical activity. The very well-known saying "enter to learn and leave to serve" has been an inspiration for me while being in college. SSM has played a significant role in shaping my identity as an engineer and I am deeply grateful.

Irfan Ahmad Reshi

Nodal Officer at PMGSY Kashmir

Civil (2003)


The word "back" or "suppli" use to be darkest nightmares during the four years of degree course but personally, it has taught many lessons in life be it the time management, stress management or financial management. I learnt few most important lesson which I would like to share here, when everything is against you then don?t lose your hope because this is the best you can do. Suicide is never an option, don?t ever give up. In your worst times, you are the only one who can help you.

Mubashir Rasool Dar

Assistant General Manager, JKPDC, JK

Civil (2003)


SSM alumni is back bone of each and every industry in J&K and abroad in general and telecom in particular. Industrial Projects and Production visits are must during the course work. High-tech labs to be developed keeping in mind industry demands and automation. Curriculum and Syllabus to be reviewed and has to be at par with Global Engineering standards. Innovative thought process development institute to be started immediately, giving free hand to innovators.

Sarwar Masoodi

State Lead - Fiber Optics
Reliance Jio Infocom Limited

Mechanical (2004)


From the school and as a kid When the age was at its mid. My college when opened its arms Along with all its Motherly charms Embraced me and nourished me Polished me and prepared me Out of all thick and this?Made me swim with bold fins?.All Grace to my Almighty finally? Who made me a part of SSM Family.

Nabiya Farooq

Junior Engineer PWD R&B Kashmir

Civil (2005)


As an Alumni of Civil Engineering Department Of SSM College of Engineering it is noteworthy to mention that the college has plenty of resources producing better engineers and making them flexible for working in any environment and performing in difficult challenges with efficiency. The college isn't just a group of buildings but an epitome of knowledge and treasury of success.

Bilal Veeri

A.E PWD R&B Department

Civil (2006)


Achievements-applauds, opportunities- thoughts, this is what I gained from SSM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING. SSM gave me a platform that I will cherish always. Somedays I won somedays I learned. It gives me great pleasure in sharing my success after joining this institution. SSM has successfully accomplished its promises and objectives in providing quality education and overall development of all its students. SSM College provided us with well-equipped library, laboratories, training camps, transportation which has constantly of great support. The guest lectures and training programs were really a boon to all the students. The college has moulded my personality and clarified my vision of the future. This college let me fall by my own but made me climb on the ladder to success. I proudly feel that I cherished every moments in my life .Being a "SSM Ian" makes me feel proud. I got infinite love and lessons from my teachers, they made me do ?Work Hard" for the way to success. Miss those days of SSM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING. Just want to thank to the wonderful faculty and administration of SSM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING.....I am proud to be a ?SSM -Ian"...

Amir Majid Khan

Assistant Engineer R&B

Civil (2007)


Apart from the excellent academic experiences, I also reaped benefits of being a part of multi-cultural student body. I continuously learned how to share ideas with people from different backgrounds and perspectives. The intensive and extensive interactions with people from different countries and cultures equipped me with better interpersonal skills. There are many things to say about the goodness of SSM, including the outstanding library and computing services, interesting club activities, various events with the local community, and many more. To sum up, SSM gave me not only the best study experience ever but also gave me the privilege of learning about others cultures, beliefs and perspectives. These all have helped me to succeed in my career after SSM

Sofi Javaid


E&C (2007)


It gives me immense pleasure to see SSM College of Engineering growing stronger in many ways and expanding its reach to other fields of learning as well. It is a place of knowledge and bliss. The college has molded my personality and clarified my vision of the future. The enthusiastic, supportive and encouraging faculty makes learning a delight at SSM. It provides a conducive atmosphere and an opportunity to learn and grow. It not only boosts for academics but for other extra-curricular activities that help in enhancing the personality of students.

Yusra Banday

Senior Research Fellow NIT Srinagar

E&C (2007)


Education is the process of acquiring knowledge through teaching and learning. It opens the gates of wisdom and helps am individual to understand the difference between the right and the wrong, truth and false. It teaches an individual how to make his living and how to lead a disciplined life. Education in its essence is not just book reading it is an all- round development process that aims at developing the vision of the people. A student must be versatile, dynamic and innovative being who is able to know the pulse and pace of world around him

Aksa Shah


Mechanical (2008)


S.S.M College is one of the best educational institution in the valley having the best faculty and infrastructure which provide conducive atmosphere for students to learn and excel in every field in their life.

Amreen Yaqoob Shah

J.E R&B Department


One of the best Engineering colleges. Ever upgrading infrastructure, excellent faculty and top notch high tech labs. Proud to be an alumni of such an institution.

Syed Atif

JE, JKPCC Srinagar


You are not born to be raised as robots, every human has a unique quality and you need to find yours, expecting a fish to climb a tree would be insanity similarly expecting each one of you to do similar things will be no different! Think beyond the classroom lectures and explore the opportunities the world provides.

Rizwan Alam Khan

Associate Director

Mechanical (2009)


SSM gave me the opportunity of being a Student Coordinator and help me to transform in an Entrepreneur. Technical and Extra circular activities should go hand in hand. I thank SSM Family for all the support and wish them good luck

Tahleel Khajawal


E&C (2010)


My College of Engineering is much beyond just an Institution. It actually connotes a Culture-Culture of Excellence, Empowerment and Enrichment. Being an Alumni of SSM College, I feel blessed and grateful to Allah (SWT) for making me the part of this huge technical family. I am thankful to Er. Shabina Masoodi (H.O.D. CIVIL) and Er. Mohi-ud-din R for encouraging and guiding me and my group-mates to complete the SSM's first working Prototype major project of Civil Eng. deptt ?The flood Resistant Structures?. Last but not the least, I am thankful to esteemed Vice-Chairperson Qazi Dilafroze ma'am who always injects discipline and Professionalism in my Attitude

Babar Bhat

J.E R&B Department

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