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Football match between SSM and GDC Hadipora, Baramulla was a resounding victory for SSM

The football match between SSM and GDC Hadipora at the Kashmir University ground was a resounding victory for SSM, who secured a 7-0 win. The cheers of the crowd echoed across the field as SSM’s players showcased their skills and teamwork. 🏆⚽

It was a one-sided affair as SSM College thrashed GDC Hadipora by 7-0 in the inter-college football tournament held at GDC Baramulla ground on Wednesday. The match was dominated by SSM from the start. GDC Hadipora had no answer to the pace and skill of SSM players, who displayed a professional performance in front of a cheering crowd.

Congratulations to the SSM team on their impressive performance! May this victory be a cherished memory for both the players and the spectators. 🎉👏

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