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Awareness cum Informative Session" on G20 Summit.

SSM College of Engineering organized an "Awareness cum Informative Session" focused on the G20 Summit, wherein Mr. Mir Junaid, President Jammu and Kashmir Workers Party was the Chief Guest to grace the occasion.

The event was attended by Mr. Mir Khubab President Voice of Youth, Mr. Qasim Nisar General Secretary Voice of Youth and Mr. Adil Hussain Social Activist. On behalf of the college the Management, Senior functionaries, faculty and students enthusiastically also participated in the event. The guests were welcomed by Prof. (Dr.) N.A. Shah, Registrar of the College. Speaking on the Occasion Mr. Mir Junaid, President Jammu and Kashmir Workers Party spoke about climate change, energy sustainability to healthcare, and digital transformation. These summits provide an opportunity for leaders to discuss and coordinate efforts on these multifaceted challenges. The G20's goal is to find common ground, develop joint initiatives and implement policies that lead to positive change and global progress.

A yoga programme was also conducted in Open Air Auditorium of the campus in collaboration with Ayush Department of Health and Medical Education, J&K Government. The event aimed to promote the practice of yoga among students and faculty members. Participants engaged in various yoga postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques, guided by experienced instructors from Ayush. The event aimed to enhance physical fitness, mental well-being, and stress management skills through the practice of yoga. Also, a painting competition was conducted with the theme “One Earth—One Family—One Future”. The competition provided a platform for students to showcase their artistic talents and creativity. Participants were given a theme or topic, and they expressed their ideas and emotions through their artwork. The event fostered artistic expression, encouraged artistic skills development, and promoted a vibrant art community within the college. The event was concluded with vote of thanks and distribution of certificates.

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