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SSM organises seminar on Artificial Intellligence

Mr. Parvez Bashir expert from World Bank United States of America and Mr. Khurshid Ahmad Ganai, Former IAS Officer at SSM College of Engineering.

A seminar was conducted at SSM College of Engineering on “Artificial Intelligence and Evolving Global Economic Order & Role of New Technologies” on 8th June 2024.

On this occasion Mr. Khurshid Ahmad Ganai, Former IAS Officer and Mr. Parvez Bashir Artificial Intelligence expert from World Bank working in United States of America were the guest speakers. A large number of students besides faculty members and senior functionaries of college administration were also present.

Mr. Parvez Bashir gave a detailed PowerPoint presentation on the role of Artificial Intelligence in the global technology emergence and its different facets and challenges ahead. He also answered the questions on the subject Artificial Intelligence from students of SSM College.

Mr. Khurshid Ahmad Ganai gave an insight into role of emerging technology in Evolving New Global Economic order in the near future. He also discussed the impact of such an emerging order to overall global economy in general and Indian economy in particular.

Mrs. Dilafrose Qazi, Vice-Chairperson of the College thanked the guest speakers and other participants present in the event.

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