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Expert lecture titled “How to face Interview” held in SSM College of Engineering.

An expert lecture session was held in the seminar hall of SSM College of Engineering on 12-06-2024. The lecture was attended by large number of students of the college.

The enlightening lecture that drew a significant number of students, all eager to learn the intricacies of facing interviews in the modern job market. Dr. Mehboob Makhdoomi, a renowned expert in International Business and Economy, spearheaded the session with a focus on the pivotal role of communication skills, soft skills, and a sound understanding of Artificial Intelligence.

In a world where technology is rapidly advancing, Dr. Makhdoomi's insights are particularly relevant. He highlighted that beyond the technical know-how, the ability to articulate thoughts clearly, interact effectively with others, and adapt to the evolving AI-driven landscape are crucial for success in any professional field.

Dr. Makhdoomi's advice in real-time scenarios, thereby demystifying the interview process and alleviating anxiety.

Such initiatives by educational institutions are commendable as they prepare the next generation of professionals not just to face interviews but to thrive in a future where soft skills and AI literacy will be just as valuable as academic achievements.

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