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Fostering creativity and growth of excellence for techno-economic upliftment of society



Group Students Smilling


  • Producing highly motivated quality engineers, technocrats and managers with sound knowledge and profound skill through efficient and effective teaching learning process.

  • Enhancing efficiency and productivity of the students to face the global challenges by imparting education & training conforming to international standards.

  • To inculcate value based professional ethics in students for their all round development and welfare of the society.


Learn About Us

At SSM College of Engineering, we  shape the students not merely as technical manpower but highly motivated creative professionals with highest degree of skillful knowledge blended with rich ethical values .We do not confine our teaching learning process to imparting theoretical knowledge alone but put the student to extensive laboratory work, expose them to the actual world of work through technical visits ,practical trainings, industry based and innovative projects and internships. The rich record of holding co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in the institution and interaction with high profile personalities from different walks of life through interactive programmes, extension lectures and expert lectures brace the students with high quality communication skills and challenge facing qualities.

It is truly a life experience. We invite you to explore our dynamic and diverse community by paying a visit at your convenience.


Dr. Qazi Shabir Ahmad

Secretary(IIPA), J&K (UT)

Life Member (ISTE)

Chairman’s Message

In a Country with huge population and manpower availability we at SSM College of Engineering have dedicated ourselves to impart quality education with precision in skill. We strive to develop the overall personality of the student to become a responsive individual in general and a skillful professional in particular. We can’t predict, but we can ensure that our student turns out to be most knowledgeable professional, that they will make a difference to creativity and skillfully guide the next country of progress and excellence. The topography of the campus is ideally suited for both academic and extra-curricular activities and this gives a long way in making our student a thoroughbred professional capable of emerging as valuable contributory assets for society. 

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