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Azmat is a founding partner and COO at Manzar Experience Curators, a start-up that believes in telling ‘own voice’ stories from Kashmir by getting the masses to engage with Kashmir and Kashmiris through its art, history, culture, tradition, craft, food, beauty and the aspirations of its people by giving control of the Kashmiri narrative to Kashmiris themselves. 

After studying Computer Science Engineering at SSM College of Engineering from batch 2013, Azmat worked with multiple Ed-Tech and youth leadership start-ups before joining a design firm. Having spent considerable time working in the crafts and events sector, she decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge and founded Manzar in 2019.

Azmat Ali Mir (CSE-Batch:2013)


As you gear up to start on this amazing experience at SSM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING , remember that the courses you take, the friends you make, and most of all, the perspective you carry, can change your world. Commit to expand, care to understand, converse to grow”.
You can't paint the picture of your life with your hands in your pocket so remember to take risks to grow yourself further. The opportunities are ample. Seize them.

Ursila Tabasum KAS (CSE-Batch:2009)


I am fine and hope that you too will be in the best of your moods and spirits. It's been a privilege to be a part of this highly reputed institution. The time spent there will be always appreciable and memorable throughout my life. The journey of 4 years had been a cake walk only because of the full support of my teachers and the other non- teaching staff of the College. I feel cherished and proud of being an alumni of such a reputed and honorable institution.The knowledge and experience gained here is and will be always be helpful. I feel so privileged that you chose me for being a member of the association of the alumni. It will be really a great honour for being part of this association.

Iqbal Hassan Moona KAS (Electrical-Batch:2012)


SSM college has produced many notable alumni who are shining and serving in different sectors of society. Most of my friends who have graduated from here, Computer science department in particular, are working with leading brands like IBM, TCS, Microsoft etc. The college has provided a great platform considering the unstable and chaotic conditions in the valley. In near future, I hope to see the college among the top colleges in India with a stronger campus selection and highly advanced technology for students to explore and compete in the market worldwide

Majid Qureshi Software Engineer(CSE-Batch:2007)


“Above the hills and far away.

       Business school on the way.

A faculty one ever dream.

       Are known as Kashmiris cream

Efficiency and effectiveness touches the door

       Visit the school to know more...”

Mahajabeen HR Executive (MBA-Batch:2013)


One of the most interesting stage in life that gives you an opportunity to explore is the College stage. My days at SSM are precious memories of fun, activity and enjoyment together with studies. College made me the person who I am today… Bold & confident…!! I want to thank honorable teachers for showing faith in me . My biggest learning has been here at SSM.

Munazah Shahdad (Electrical-Batch 2012)


SSM College of Engineering   is much beyond just an ‘Institution’. I feel blessed and grateful to Allah (SWT) for making me the part of this huge technical family. The word “back” or “suppli” use to be darkest nightmares during the four years of degree course but personally, it has taught many lessons in life be it the time management, stress management or financial management. I learnt few most important lesson which I would like to share here. When everything is against you then don’t lose your hope because this is the best you can do.In your worst times, you are the only one who can help you.

Mubashir Rasool AGM JKPDC (Civil-Batch:2003)

irfan reshi.jpg

Besides providing a good education, SSM is very prudent towards its students in developing their interpersonally flexibility, physical activity. The very well-known saying "enter to learn and leave to serve" has been an inspiration for me while being in college. SSM has played a significant role in shaping my identity as an engineer

Irfan Reshi Nodal officer PMGSY (Civil-Batch:2003)


Firstly, SSM College  is not a college, it is a brand. It is unique in its field. Discipline is like in the air of its environment. I am so grateful to be a part of this college. There are so many opportunities to develop one's personality in any field like, cultural, literature and many more. It was very precious and golden phase of my life. The entire faculty and other members of this institution are very cooperative. I got a lot of love and support from my teachers & colleague and it made my 4 years memorable for me.

Mehnaz (Electrical-Batch:2012)